Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness

"My daughter-in-law is a health care professional and fitness guru. Upon her advice, I embarked on a weekly massage therapy program. A massage on a weekly basis does not eliminate all of the problems that have accumulated over the years, but the stimulation of massage is so good for you and gets you moving. In the course of my son's employment, he and his wife have traveled the world. So, what do you give your children when they have everything? In the past, our Christmas gift to our children has been usually money. Last Christmas they got a massage with Jacque.

After they received their massage with Jacque they couldn't stop talking about the good job she did. Jacque is a world class massage therapist."

- Dick C.

"Rhonda MacFadzen doesn't give garden variety massages. She tailors her massage therapy to the individual needs of each client. I started going to Rhonda approximately eight months ago. I had struggled with a back that suddenly let me down with a vengeance:two bulging discs, one herniated discs and a cyst thrown in for good measure. I had completed a course of spinal decompression with a local chiropractor, which helped greatly. My next goal was to maintain what the spinal decompression had accomplished as well as to regain much of the flexibility I had lost.

Rhonda carefully assessed my status at my first appointment and worked slowly and thoroughly to see what I could and could not tolerate.I felt immediate relief during and after my first appointment.She also suggested stretches for me to do at home. I have continued seeing her on a regular basis, and I believe her therapy has significantly assisted me as I've returned to all fo the activities I had foregone because of my back. As our time together has progressed I've come to know Rhonda not only as a marvelous therapist, but as a friend as well.

I highly recommend Rhonda if you are in search of someone who has a superior grasp of human anatomy, the skill of an experienced therapist, and the touch that brings it all together."

- Marianne M.

"Rhonda is one of those practitioners who not only excels at the clinical aspect of massage therapy, but also has an acute intuitive ability to tune into the client's body. She picks up on issues in the body, even when I haven't mentioned them, and has a great ability to release tight knots and other problem areas. Because of Rhonda's talents and care, I have been able to remain fully functional. I dance, walk, exercise and enjoy life, despite my body's chronic muscle, joint, inflammation and arthritic problems. I am truly grateful to her for enabling me to live the life I do and to remain active and comfortable. She is a true healer who conveys a palpable feeling of caring and love to her clients. I highly recommend her."

- Elise Fee, Life Mentor and Transformational Coach

"I was struck on the forehead while walking to a clients home in 1996. I suffered injuries to my neck, back, and post traumatic stress disorder. I was still suffering from lower back and neck pain when we moved to St. George in 2004. I began to suffer from excruciating headaches and was referred to Rhonda MacFadzen by my ophthalmologist Dr. Richens.

I began a series of exercise and massage sessions which gave me incredible relief. My muscle strength and mobility have increased and the pain has diminished. I am now able to enjoy my favorite activities like skiing, kayaking, golf and bike riding while continuing weekly therapy with Rhonda and Jacque. Thank you for all your help!"

- Donna K.

"I started the Power Hour Fitness classes a year ago. Now my girlfriends want my picture on their refrigerator door! I am highly pleased with my results which are a direct outcome of the varied, well rounded workout at Synergy."

- Gloria A.

"Only a super productive exercise class motivates me to get up early! The hour flies by and I see real results."

- Judy Gubler.

"Power Hour is a great workout and Rhonda is so good at adjusting for individual problems like arthritis/back issues."

- Strokes in D.

"When you want to improve your golf swing, you visit a golf professional and take a few lessons. However, if you want to make a difference in your ability to lower your average score, you need to visit the Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness facility and begin a training program with Dr. Jerry Howard, DC , CPT. Jerry has the expertise to help develop your individual and personalized core strengths while at the same time increase flexibility. The end result is a lower golf handicap and increased pleasure while playing the game. My handicap dropped four strokes in only a few months as a result of his customized program.

Get in shape while you increase the pleasure of your golf experience with a workout program by Jerry Howard."

- Jerry K.