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Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness

Energy, Intention, and Knowledge combine to provide you with a unique massage therapy and fitness experience in a private, safe, and comfortable environment.

Our highly skilled massage therapy experts and personal trainers are always honing their skills and are educated in the latest techniques and sciences to help you achieve your goals.

Rhonda MacFadzen | Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness

Rhonda MacFadzen


Licensed Massage Therapist

Personal Trainer

Energy, Intention and Knowledge combine to give my clients the best of both training and massage therapy. I have been in the health & fitness industry for over 20 years and continue to expand not only my knowledge but my teamís education as well. My interest in Post Rehabilitation training compelled me to learn about manual therapy; and in 2007, I became a Massage Therapist. I specialize in post rehab in both massage and fitness with certifications in Myofascial Release Techniques, Advanced Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist Level 2, A.C.E. Personal Trainer, ABMP Massage Therapist and THAW Foam roller. Plus countless hours of continuing studies without certifications. I love living in the red rock mountains of southern Utah. Hobbies include hunting, fishing, 4 wheeling, hiking, and painting. (Read more)

Terese Schelling | Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness

Terese Schelling

Certified Personal Trainer

Post Rehabilitation and Nutrition Specialist

Certified Personal Trainer, Post Rehabilitation Therapy and Nutrition Specialist - The most important thing you can do for yourself is take control of your health through the choices you make every day. Even though I am over 50, by following my own recommendations, I am able to maintain the same energy and fitness levels as when I was half my age! My goal as your trainer is to educate and empower you to achieve better overall health and wellness through the fitness and nutrition education I offer.

My national certifications are:

  • NASM National Academy of Sports Medicine, since 1998
  • ACE American Council on Exercise, since 1998
  • AAHFRP American Academy of Health, Fitness & Rehab Professionals, since 1998
  • AASDN American Academy of Sports Dietitians & Nutritionist, since 2010

Most recently I spent 4 years performing Hydrostatic Body Fat, VO2 Sub-Max and Resting Metabolic Tests at Fitness Wave in Southern California in addition to providing my training and nutrition services. Over the course of that time I consulted with numerous athletes, as well as the occasional exerciser, on their nutritional needs for sports performance, body fat loss, muscle gain, and general health and wellbeing.

Prior to starting my personal training career, I performed in many parts of the world as a professional dancer. I settled in Las Vegas in 1988 and worked in a variety of shows including, "Jubilee" at Bally's, "Winds of the Gods" at Luxor, and "La Cage" at the Riviera. My background also includes numerous convention, industrial, and trade show events, television commercials, print ads, and voice overs. While working as a dancer on cruise ships for Princess Cruise Lines, I learned first hand that the development of core strength and stability is the foundation that all other strength is to be built upon.

Kristie Olsen | Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness

Kristie Olsen

Certified Personal Trainer

Kristie loves teaching people how to workout safely and effectively. She teaches everything from aerobic style workouts, strength, post rehab, and yoga.

Nikki Sair | Synergy Massage & Personal Fitness

Nikki Sair

Foot Zoner Therapist


Nikki is passionate about healing through alternative methods. Certified Foot Zoner since 2015. Reflexology practitioner since 2001. Growing up sick and in the hospital often, she learned the value of health and well-being extremely early in life. She has devoted and continues to devote her life to learning all that she can about healing modalities; namely, herbs, essential oils, energy work and foot zoning. One of her greatest passions is to help others heal themselves. She rejuvenates herself in life by spending time reading and studying, hiking, gardening, teaching, laughing, and playing with her family and friends.